About me

Hands-on experience with complex corporate transformations. Cooperation “ad interim” or coaching for your company.

High earnings or great quality? Both! Quick delivery or sustainable production conditions? Both! Career or family? Both! Shareholder value or employee development? Both! Have fun or create results? Both!

I am an analytical and passionate person with an integral point of view, who aims to create outstanding and sustainable results. I tackle complex problems and situations, and am acutely aware of the many paradoxes in both business and life. Developing solutions to paradoxes means comprehensively integrating their individual parts because eliminating paradoxes completely is impossible.

I have a background in materials engineering, giving me solid footing in industry. I have held positions in research and development, and in supply and general management, which together enable me to understand and integrate business structure, processes and complexity.

I have experience in all levels of leadership, from group leader to general manager, and in developing and managing challenging projects to implement change in corporations. This gives me well founded and valuable knowledge and insight for supporting company leaders. > watch video

In 2003 I learned of the Strategy Engine philosophy, which was developed by Mats Eriksson and Lasse Ramquist, the founders of Integ Partner. Since then I have become convinced that this revolutionary new way of leading companies is what we have long needed – the paradigm change we had been waiting for. I have since supported its implementation in a large business unit and incorporated it as an integral part of my own leadership philosophy.

Professional career

2014 – 2016 General Manager ABB Motors and Generators Service
2012 – 2014 General Manager ABB Epoxy Insulation
2005 – 2012 Supply Manager ABB High Power Semiconductors
2003 – 2005 Operational Development Consultant at ABB
2000 – 2003 Trainee and R&D Engineer High Voltage Capacitors at ABB


2002 Master of Science in Materials Engineering, Uppsala University